K9 Country Club

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We are a modern grooming and boarding facility that offers  individualized and

loving care to all of our clients. We offer a wide range of activities for your pet

during their stay.

Dog activities include...

- Throw a Kong
- Toss a ball
- Play in the fenced in exercise yard
- Toss a Frisbee
- Play tag

Your pets needs are individual and we can accomodate them. We will endeavor to make your pet as at home-away-from-home as possible.

Cat activities include...

- Play with cat toys
- Access to a cat tree (the envy of felines everywhere)
- Mouse toys
- Chase games (chase the feather, chase the string....)

*Of course there will be lots of hugs and cuddles for all of our pampered guests.

We also offer puppy daycare.

With the daycare services, the staff at Paula's will help you with the training of your new pet. Our training services offer everything from housetraining to helping you keep your dog from jumping on guests coming into your home. Your pet will also be socializing with other puppies and playing with them outside as well as inside.

Other Pets

As well as boarding cats and dogs we can also accomodate a wide variety of other animals including birds and reptiles. Please call ahead if special arrangements are needed to board your unique pet.


Grooming Services

We have two groomers here at The Club striving to make your pets look their best.  Paula Martel and Emilie Beausoleil. Both have attended Pets Beautiful Canine School of Professional Grooming and have recieved their Professional Pet Stylist Career Diploma's.

 We are more than happy to offer professional advice on how to keep your pet looking its best and healthy.

Yes, we do groom cats!

We do everything from giving your feline a bath to shaving him down, or just to tidy up his coat.

We do not use any type of tranquilizer or sedative at The Club.

We use top of the line products.